SmartLife Setup

Step 1 : Find and download the “SmartLife” App from either the Playstore for Android or Appstore for iOS.

Step 2: Open the installed app and start your registration by clicking on ‘Register’

Step 3: Read the Privacy Policy and/or just click on Agree.

Step 4: Register using your email address.

Step 5: Check your registered email for the verification code and enter this code in the app.

Step 6: Set a secure password. You will need this, so remember it.

Step 7: Once registration is over, start by creating a new family. Name of your house would be perfect for this.

Step 8: Set your location on the map.

Step 9: Add the various rooms in your house. This will ease later additions and will customize your house perfectly.

Step 10: You are done with setting up ๐Ÿ™‚

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