Amazon Alexa Setup

Step 1 : Find and download the “Alexa” App from either the Playstore for Android or Appstore for iOS.

Step 2: Open the installed app and sign in with your amazon credentials or “Create a New Amazon Account”.

Step 3: Click on Side menu bar, then click on “Skills and Games”

Step 4: Click on the small search icon on the top right corner.

Step 5: Search for “smart Life” and click on the “Smart Life” with Blue icon.

Step 6: Click on “Enable To Use”

Step 7: Enter your credentials and click on “Link Now”

Step 8: Authorize Alexa to use your SmartLife Account

Step 9: You will Get a confirmation that Alexa is now linked to your Smart Life. Click on the “X” mark in the top left corner.

Step 10: Wait while Alexa gets in touch with all of your smart devices

Step 11: Click on “Choose Device”

Step 12: Set up the devices as per your requirement once Alexa Finds them.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Alexa Setup”

    1. Namaste. Normally it’s better when you ask the merchant you bought the device from, they are responsible for customer service as well. However, in good spirit, if you have an android phone, just type in ‘Amazon alexa apk’ download the file from a reliable server and install it after allowing installation from third party in your phone. If you have an iPhone, change your appstore region by changing your account address. I am sure you have confusions, so go to our Google home installation tutorial and check the video out.
      Hope this helps you out.

      P.s. Support local merchants, they are the only ones who can help you out.

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