Smart Socket Tutorial Steps

Step 1 Connect the smart socket to a compatible wall socket.

Step 2 Press and hold the button until the light starts blinking on the socket.

Step 3 Open the SmartLife App on your phone and touch the “+” sign on the top right corner.

Step 4 Select the “Socket” from the Electrical Engineering Section of the Menu.

Step 5 Confirm that the button in the socket is blinking and continue.

Step 6 Enter your WiFi SSiD and Password. Make sure to enter the correct information. Then touch “Confirm”. (Please note: the device may not connect if the wifi is hidden or if it is working in the 5GHz Spectrum)

Step 7 Wait for the device to connect. Repeat from Step 2 if the device is not found.

Step 8 Change the name of the device. If you change the device name at this point, you will not have to change it to an easier name in Google Home.

Step 9 (Optional) Once the device is set up, you may change its setting by touching the top right corner symbol.

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